How many U.S. states have you visited so far?
I’ve been to 31 states!

How many countries have you traveled to?
Not counting the U.S., I have been to 3 countries so far: Canada, Mexico, and Ireland.

What’s your most-frequently visited location?
I try to visit Asheville, North Carolina at least once a year. It’s my favorite spot to unwind and level out. I usually stay at Sweet Peas Hostel when I’m in Asheville.

Have you encountered any famous people during your travels?
I once met several members of Earth, Wind & Fire in the Houston airport. I was in tears about travel delays, and they comforted me and made me laugh. It definitely took my mind off the stressful situation at hand!

Do you have a favorite museum?
The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh was phenomenal. I still think about the Exploding Plastic Inevitable exhibit often.

How do you stay healthy while traveling?
This is a toughie, because honestly, I love food and try a lot of new meals when I’m on the road. I drink a lot of water, try not to drink a ton of alcohol, and go to my hotel gym as often as possible. If I’m not staying in a place with a gym, I try to get outside for walks or hiking. If I drive instead of fly, I’ll often bring my 12kg kettlebell with me to get in some kind of swing/snatch/squat circuit. At the end of the day, I do the best I can.

What has been your favorite travel experience so far?
Spending Bloomsday in Ireland, without a doubt. I loved James Joyce’s Ulysses so much when I studied it in undergrad that I took the same seminar again at the graduate level. My professor, Dr. Bill Hutchings, had visited Ireland for Bloomsday (June 16) a few times and regaled the class with tales of swimming in the Forty Foot and buying lemon soap at Sweny’s. I visited Ireland in June of 2017 and had the most amazing experience on Bloomsday, as well as the rest of the trip.

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